New sheet music! And a wrist fracture... 

You know what is humbling? Falling on the pavement out of the blue for no real apparent reason. My detective skills led me to believe I rolled my ankle on a piece of gravel. Alls I know is I was strolling through a parking lot admiring some trees in the distance when SMACK...I was down, hard. Injured ribs, busted knee, sore wrists. I didn't think anything was broken, but that left wrist got more sore, so I asked my doc about it, xrays showed for 2 weeks I walked around living my life with a fractured left distal radius. I'm in a cast for 3 weeks, can't play the fiddle, I've had to miss a few gigs.

So...I may be transcribing some songs for a friend of mine for a project involving her songs. I decided to get busy and practice my skill there with my tune "Piney Rose". I've been asked over the years by a few people to do this, I've always just written the lyrics and chords. This time I included the lead sheet. I know there's software that will make it look digitally perfect, but I can write music out by hand pretty quick. When I first started teaching I had to write things out by hand, no such thing as a smartphone or even a laptop, we had copy machine the size of a Prius at the music store, I was charged 10 cents a copy to use it.  Another teacher used the wrong kind of paper and the dang thing caught on fire and died. 

This transcription of this particular song took me awhile, I couldn't get it the way that I wanted it. After too much work on it, there's now a .pdf available for download (for a reasonable fee. ;) I've created a new page on this website, "Sheet Music & Lyrics", thats where you'll find it. I'll be adding some other transcriptions soon. Its not digitally perfect, its homemade, soft around the edges,  like me. ;)



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