East Tennessee Writers Hall of Fame! 

This was exciting, affirming, and also a little scary at the same time...I'm being inducted into the East Tennessee Writers Hall of Fame, songwriting category! After looking at the past inductees, my first thought was "man, my catalog is THIN". 2020 was not a particularly creative time in my life. In addition to the pandemic and all the stressors it brought to our world, I'm in that phase of life where old ones in my family die, new are born. Its been a time of caregiving, not a time of lying fallow, waiting to create. There's another shift in life coming, it is the way of things. In the meantime, I'm just gonna take this amazing honor at its face value, and be grateful to be considered in such wonderful company. When I shared the news on my social media, some folks told me they love this song in particular, feels like a good time to share it again. Happy spring, yall!

Much love, Sarah

"for in May this valley is a shining jewel...I long to see the colors of my childhood...I'm waiting on the Piney Rose to bloom"