3 Socks on the Mantle 

Here's a song Jeff and I wrote during a tough time. Seemed like it was tough at the time, anyways.  It was a cold grey yucky December and we kept singing that Merle Haggard song. You know the one. If you don't then you better search it out.

Jeff's Uncle Kenneth Dyer called several times leaving voicemails for us with this song idea, because he'd been hanging out with his little granddaughter. "Hey Flash, (thats what he called Jeff, his aunt Jean still does)  "write that 3 socks on the mantle, striped red and white, daddys on the left, mamas on the right, the one in the middle is our star tonight"

We wrote that song, recorded it, and burned a cd for Uncle Kenneth. He loved it. He'd leave a message that he needed another copy, or another 2 or 3 copies and for us to leave them out next to the flower barrel at our front door, insisting he couldn't stay or talk or hang out, he was busy. He'd leave a $50 or $20 or sometimes more than one. Sure did help us out. It was a little Christmas Magic. Like spinning straw into gold. 

Make some magic, now. You can do it! Pretend you're 5 years old, if that helps.

If you can toss a buck or two in the tip jar thats on the home page, we'd appreciate it! If not, well just enjoy and share.

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