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Jeff Barbra and Sarah Pirkle on 6 o'clock Swerve

 — (EDT, UTC-04) — (EDT, UTC-04)

Barleys Taproom & Pizzeria, 200. East Jackson Ave, Knoxville

Live on 6 o'clock Swerve, hosted by Wayne Bledsoe! All ages, Free to the public! Be part of the audience or listen to the live stream at

Jeff Barbra and Sarah Pirkle Behind the Barn LIVE Home bound concert!

 —  —

Since we can't be with yall at Bluetick Tavern this evening because of CDC recommendations for gatherings during this time, we are gonna do a live performance from our house! We'll play some of our tunes, talk about some of the artists we've had on the show before, talk about who is coming up. If you feel like tipping the band, we will be sharing all tips with our Behind the Barn crew at Bluetick, splitting all tips evenly with our sound engineer Trevor Konrath and your servers every week, Kayleigh Hackbart and Anne Stubee. You can tip us thru Paypal, and Venmo, @Sarah-Pirkle-1

South of Scruffy Podcast

Jeff and I had a great conversation with our friend Ben Fields on his podcast, "South of Scruffy". We reminisced about how we met Ben when we were all performing the Actor's Co-op production of "Measured in Labor" back in…

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Good Friday 2021 

I wrote this song last year, when we were just a few weeks into this Covid thing. The forecast for Easter Sunday called for rain, this sounded like some kind of proverb or old saying to me. I researched it…

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East Tennessee Writers Hall of Fame! 

This was exciting, affirming, and also a little scary at the same time...I'm being inducted into the East Tennessee Writers Hall of Fame, songwriting category! After looking at the past inductees, my first thought was "man, my catalog is THIN"…

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Online Lessons!

Well, I've been dragged into the world of online video conferencing for teaching, and...I like it! I wasn't sure if my teaching style could be adapted to this format, but its worked well and I've actually found some advantages to…

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New sheet music! And a wrist fracture... 

You know what is humbling? Falling on the pavement out of the blue for no real apparent reason. My detective skills led me to believe I rolled my ankle on a piece of gravel. Alls I know is I was…

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Maybe the cover?

I'm doing the "art" for this project myself this time. I LOVE box turtles, we have a nice community in our habitat. Its nice to share the space with them, I consider it good luck if I see one. This…

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New music...FINALLY!

We did it, we went to Dave Coleman's studio in E. Nashville, holed up for a weekend and recorded some of the songs we've written. If you don't know Dave's work, check him out here...

     Dave is one…

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